Jan. 2, 2006 Day Five: Game ON

Dad introduced me to something called Bowl season.

At first I thought that meant he was going to feed something from a bowl -- which would be totally inappropriate because I'm strictly breast at this point -- but I later learned that it refers to the bowl games played by the top teams in college football.

And we watched some great rivalries, including some teams nicknamed the Nittany Lions and the Seminoles, and the Fighting Irish and the Buckeyes, but those rivalries pale in comparison to the rivalry that's being established in my very own home -- Hudson "The Baby" v. Polo "The Cat."

I've pulled out my playbook of cute looks and crying, but Polo has countered with his scaredy cat maneuver, and is gaining some of the sympathy vote. But I ain't afraid of no kitty. All I have to say to Polo is "It's on fool!"


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