Jan. 3, 2006 Day Six: The Changing Game

I'm not one to criticize, but Daddy B is slowwww at changing my diapers.

I'd change them myself, but I need to make these parents of mine feel like they're useful for something.

You'll notice in this photo that I've attached (OK, so maybe someone else got on the computer and attached it for me, but just humor me for God's sake. I'm a baby with a blog. What did you ever do when you were a baby? I thought so.)... Anyway, where was I... Oh yeah. In this photo, try to identify the items that Daddy B has misplaced while attempting to give me a change.

Let's see, there's a sock at my head and a pacifier at my foot. And you can't see it here, but offscreen dad is in a fistfight with the Diaper Genie to get back my other sock that he dropped inside of it.


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