I H2Owe It All to You Mom

There are two elements a baby needs to survive in this world: Water and Mom. Water helps keep you hydrated and washes down chunks of peas or apples that are stuck in your throat. Mom helps keep you warm and safe and she'll even use her finger to clear out any chunks that the water missed to prevent you from choking.

So, this post is to you Mr. Water and to you Mrs. Mom.

I got to play with Mr. Water recently in the form of a fountain park, or splash pad or water miracle... whatever you call it, there was water coming out of the ground, from everywhere.

Just when I thought I had outsmarted these little fountains, they'd pop up and get me. But I didn't mind. Being in a diaper and running through water is the sign that summer is here, and that makes me happy.

And you'll notice in this photo, of me and Mrs. Mom, that I'm a little bit scarred up. That's another thing mom is good at -- comforting me after I get up from a fall with a few gashes or bruises on my face or body.

There's nothing better than mom for healing ... well, neosporin works good, too, but it doesn't wipe away the tears or pick me up and hug me... at least the neosporin I use doesn't do that. If you know of a better brand that takes care of those things, please share in the comments below.

Anyway, this was my Happy Mothers Day post, so Happy Mothers Day mom. And as soon as Happy Water Day comes around, I'll send a Happy Water Day shout out to you Mr. Water.

If you like these pics, there's more in the HuddyPics gallery.

Report filed by: Jenny the Cat (indoor content and photos with mom) and Gary the Gnome (outdoor content and photos of water).


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