Jan. 8, 2007 Day 375: The Effects of Snow Globe Warming

As my first winter as a grown up baby approaches the halfway point, I've come to two "if then" conclusions:

1. If there's no snow, then there's no sledding
2. If there's no snow, then your snow globe must be warming

The snow global warming in my area has been so hot this winter that I haven't got a chance to try out my new ride that I've nicknamed "The Big Red Sled Named Ned" or just "Ned" for short.

Ned and I have been couped up all winter, waiting for the white stuff to fall so we can find a small hill and take a test drive.

I told Ned that a warming snow globe was the cause of our sled-free winter, but Ned said that he and the other red sleds disagree, and that snow globe warming was a hoaky theory created by a bunch of blue sleds.

Either way, I hope that Ned and I will get the chance to burn rubber... or melt ice this winter.


At 6:26 PM , Blogger miles said...

Hi I am a fellow mommy blogger and I ran accross your blog as I was reading, our sons are one day and a pound and 6 oz apart! I invite you to check out my blog as well.

Melanie, mommy to Miles.


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