Swaddle Report 2.0: New Staff, New Attitude, Same Baby

I bet you thought I had forgotten you. Well, I didn't. I'm back. And I've hired a staff of my friends to assist me in updating The Swaddle Report, to keep you informed, educated and hip to the happenings in Hudson's life.

First let me introduce you to my dedicated team, and then I'll give you an idea of what to expect from this all-star squad.

Editor in Chief: Hudson
It's my life, so I have the final say in how it's covered.

Outdoor Correspondent: Gary the Gnome

Gary will help write stories about anything that I do outside the house -- walk-in-the-park stories, swinging stories, zoo stories.

Indoor Correspondent: Jenny the Cat
Jenny will help write stories about anything I do indoors -- spilling toys, climbing things, napping.

Swaddle Cafe Chef: Bob the Big Boy

Bob's Slim Jim is an employee favorite.

Human Resources: Derrick the Buddha

If you want a job at The Swaddle Report, just tell Derrick. He'll accept anyone's application. He's a real calm and easy going guy.

What you can expect from my staff? Our goals as an organization are based on the three Qs:
  • Quantity: At least two blog posts per week
  • Quality: When Bob the Big Boy is not cooking burgers, he'll be in charge of spell checking
  • Questions: We're not afraid to ask the tough questions, like: Where did you put daddy's cell phone? Or, why are there apple chunks in the laundry basket?
Hey, and if you want to keep up with recent photos of me that you may have missed, click this: http://www.flickr.com/photos/huddypics/.

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