Jan. 29, 2007 Day 396: My Night at the Museum

So I recently went on a dinosaur hunt -- or recruiting trip -- at a museum. Daddy B tried to hold me back because he thought it would be dangerous, but adventure is in my blood, and nothing could stand in the way of my journey.

I first discovered this mastadon when scouting out the area from above. He looked sort of like an elephant, except not as cute. They kept him in this cage because of his big teeth and giant tusks, but I quickly found my way down and inside to get a closer look.

When I got up close to the mastadon, I realized he must just be misunderstood. He wasn't mean or scary at all. In fact, he was pretty quiet, and we got along pretty well. I consider him a friend now. I told him I'd put a picture of him in my blog and it made him smile. He also became the first member, and vice president, of the Hudson and His Dino Friends Club (HAHDFC).

Just when I thought I was safe, this T-rex tried to sneak up on me, but I was able to calm him down by doing my T-rex dance. It made him laugh, and he too decided to join the HAHDFC.

I also got stegosaurus to join the club, and he agreed to be the secretary and take meeting notes.

This guy joined the club, too, but... I'm embarrassed to say, I forgot his name. Hopefully he'll forgive me and still come on board. And if there's any other dinos that read my blog out there, feel free to inquire about the HAHDFC. We are currently recruiting more members. Specifically, we're looking for a pterodactyl and a brontosaurus. So, if you know one, please let them know that we'd love for them to join.


At 9:59 AM , Anonymous Keon said...

Nice narrative and spoof of the movie.

Your boy looks cute too! ;)

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