Dec. 27, 2006 Day 363: Dada, Momma and MoMA -- My 1st Trip to NY City

From museums to shopping to long walks through Central Park, I did it all on my first trip to the Big Apple.

This here is a picture (left) of me at MoMA. MoMA is different from momma. Momma is my mom, Momma CJ. MoMA is a museum. It does not feed me or change my clothes or give me baths, but it does show me art... and I like art.

This picture here is of me and papa. Papa is not a museum, he's my dad, Daddy B. We both got an up close look at this big tree with lights on it in Rockefeller Center.

In Detroit, I take cars, well, I sit in the back seat of cars, rearfacing, to get wherever I need to go. In New York, people take something called a subway to get to places like toy stores and parks and stuff like that. This is me getting ready to get on the #2 train. The #2 is my favorite of all of the trains that I rode. I rode the 3 and the 4, but the 2 is still closest to my heart. I have a lot more to ride, but I'm not sure they'll top #2.

This picture is what I like to call a "Photo of My Family," or "A Family Photo. This is me and Daddy B and Momma CJ in the Center Park. (photo courtesy of Uncle B!) Someday, I'd like to go on the ice with the ice skating people that you can see in the bottom of the picture.

This is me here at Bryant Park, where I got real up close to the ice skating people. Mr. Bryant sure did make a nice ice rink here. Hopefully, someday, I'll get to skate on that, too.

Whenever I needed a refresh on food and a place to get warm, I hung out at Auntie So's loft, where I met lots of other art works.

I also was treated to a fancy steak meal by Chef Leland. He's my double cousin... or is it second cousin... my #2 cousin. Yeah. That's it. He's my #2 cousin, and he makes great steak!

They say New York is the city that never sleeps... well, maybe that doesn't count for 1-year-olds... Yeah, by the way. I'll be 1 year's old in, like, two days. I'm glad I got to conquer New York before my first birthday, but, it's also good to be back home. Stay tuned for my first birthday bash post. Thanks for reading.


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