Reflecting on 2007

I'm two years old now, and it's amazing how differently the world looks than when I was one.

A tree is no longer just a tree now. It's an evergreen or a birch. A bird is not just a bird. It's a hawk, a seagull or an Arctic Warbler. And music is no longer just music. It's bands and artists like Raffi, Dan Zanes and Led Zeppelin.

I laugh just thinking about the things I used to laugh about at the immature age of one. And, although I am fond of some of these 2007 age-one memories, I'm eager to make more informed decisions as a two year old in '08, including participating in this year's presidential elections.

I have my bags packed for Iowa, where I will be attending a Caucusing for Kids event. It's just like a regular adult caucus, except it's all kids, and whoever throws the biggest tantrum... their candidate wins. Wish me luck in this endeavor and everything else I take on in 2008. And I wish you the same. Happy New Year.



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