I Saw a No Hitter... Where Were You?

Tomorrow my friends at daycare will ask me, "What'd you do last night Hudson?" And they'll expect my answer to be something like, "Same ol. Ate. Went for a walk. Had some milk. Went to sleep." ... But not this time. This time the answer will be different. This time the answer will be, "Oh. I don't know. Not much. Just went to the Detroit Tigers game, rode the merry-go-round, had a chocolate chip ice cream cookie sandwich... and, oh yeah, did I forget to mention that I witnessed a no hitter!"

I didn't know what a no hitter was before last night, but I now know that it's exciting! If you've never seen one, you should try... but I'm told it might not be that easy. You may never see a no hitter. But I did, and I want to share it with you. So, if you've never seen a no hitter, now you can say you've seen one, on my blog.

I also learned last night that you can take pictures with a phone. Daddy B took this picture with his phone. He was a little overexcited, so he was only able to get the back of my head... I'm just glad I had a chance to comb my hair before the game, otherwise this could have been an embarrassing photo. You can find more bad phone pics of the no hitter at Huddy Pics.

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