Hudson LIVE From San Francisco Part IV

It's not often that you get a chance to see a giant head in the grass, but that's what I saw at the Golden Gate Park yesterday -- a giant head in the grass! And it was purple!

Me and a lot of other kids took turns playing with the nose and inside the ears and touching its eyes. There were a lot of signs that told us we should be careful not to damage the head, but we're kids... I mean, you put a giant head in a park and you expect me not to pound on it? Give me a break.

Signs, Signs, Everywhere...
While in the park, I stopped by the art museum where I gave tours to children and small animals. I couldn't read this particular sign that I pointed out to the group, but I don't think they noticed. I'm pretty good at pretending like I can read.

I take pride in making my tours good for the mind and body, involving a little education and a lot of physical fitness. We didn't see many paintings, but I led my group up and down the museum stairs about 72 times.

This is another sign we found in the park. There were actually several of these stuck to trees and most of them were directed to a guy named Tony. So, if you're reading this blog Tony, you should probably get to the pizzeria quickly or your friend is gonna get mad.

And like the day before, our long journey ended at the ocean, this time at Ocean Beach. But we didn't make it very far along the beach because the wind didn't want us to... it was blowing sand at us really hard and it basically told us to go away and come back later. That's OK. The view was good from where we were at. And, according to this sign, it wouldn't have been very safe for me to dip my toes in this part of the ocean. Oh well. There's more journeys ahead, so I'll sign off for now, put on some clothes (I'm blogging in my diaper), and head back to the streets.

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