Hudson LIVE From San Francisco Part III

Oooh. Look at me. I'm doing hard time for stealing a pacifier. I'm going to spend my second birthday in the slammer. My criminal name is "Babyface." Ha... Ha... Ha... Very funny mom and dad. Put the baby in a prison cell while he's sleeping and snap a photo. Like we haven't seen that one before...

OK. So I slept through most of the trip to Alcatraz. What are you going to do? It wasn't really my fault. If they would have just let me climb up those stairs on the boat ride over I wouldn't have had that tantrum and wouldn't have wore myself out. I mean, c'mon. They weren't that dangerous. So I might have tumbled over into the ocean or something. I bet it's not even that deep.

I did wake up in time for the tail-end of the excursion, to catch some of the wildlife -- birds and plants and... more birds. I bet I really could have shook those prison bars. And there were probably some cool things to climb inside the prison, too. Dad, you couldn't have given me a little wake-up nudge to say, "Hey. Hudson. We're on Alcatraz -- the world's most famous prison. You should probably wake up." Or, mom, couldn't you have picked me up out of my stroller and said, "OK buddy. Enough sleep. You're missing out on some prime playtime." ... Oh well. There'll be other prisons.

We Found the Beach
Who said there were no beaches in San Francisco? Well, we found them, and I conquered them... OK. Maybe not conquered. But I did dip my feet in the water at this first beach. Pretty brave for a 16-month old, right? Did you dip your feet in a shark-infested ocean when you were this little? Did you risk getting cold toe disease by dipping your feet in really cold water when you were just a baby boy or girl? Did you have to run as fast as you can to escape a bunch of pirates that landed ashore? ... I did all of those things. (You can't see the pirate ships here, but you can check them out at HuddyPics.)

And you wouldn't believe all of the wind surfers I saw at the next beach. They were crazy. Some of them were flying kites and then they would get in the water and the kites would pull them across the water really fast. I just got a kite not too long ago. It's still in the box, but when I get home, I'm going to fly it and pretend like I'm gliding across the ocean, except I won't be in the ocean. I'll be on the grass somewhere... but isn't that what pretending is all about?

OK. That's enough for today. I'm told by my parents that we have no plans for the next day of our vacation, so I can't give you any hints on what to expect in my next post, so, just come back and find out for yourself. See ya soon.

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