Everyday Should Be a Sundae

Have you ever tried a hot fudge ice cream sundae with a cherry on top? I have... in San Francisco. Well, I'm back home now (That trip was, like, so last week), but I can't stop thinkin about that sundae.

I wonder if you can only get sundaes in California? If so, that's criminal. If not, that means mom and pop have been hiding this treat from me all along, which is also criminal.

I believe that a growing boy like myself needs to have one sundae everyday until he's grown, and then he should have two or three everyday until he's an adult, and then, as an adult, he can eat, like, four or five a day, but they'll have to be low fat because that's what adults eat.

Maybe I'll start a petition of some kind to send to California's governor, to tell him that he needs to share his sundaes with the rest of the world. I'll start working on that, but in the meantime, click here to check out some more pictures of me digging in.

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