Jan. 5, 2006 Day Eight: They Call Me 'Little Rooster'

Momma CJ and Daddy B have given me the nickname "little rooster" because I like to give them the wake-up call at all hours throughout the night.

I don't think it's a cute or funny nickname. I've seen a rooster at Grandma D's house. She has lots of them and I find them to be rather goofy creatures, and I am hardly goofy. In fact, I'm quite the opposite. I'm non-goofy.

Besides, I'm not the one who has a problem. It's those parents of mine who are always wanting to sleep when there's fun to be had; games to be played, like Diaper Switch, and Rock-a-Bye and my personal favorite, Feed the Baby.

I'm going to start calling my parents grizzly bears because they're always trying to sleep like lazy old grizzly bears. Well, this little "rooster" is not going to let those bears sleep anymore. Cock a doodle doo!!!


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