May 1, 2006 Day 125: Hudson on Hudson

The following excerpt is from June Crosby's interview with me, featured in this month's edition of Baby Blogger magazine. Since I don't drive, June was kind enough to visit me in my private study, where we laid on our stomachs for a face-to-face chat.

J: Why blogging?

H: Why not? I mean, without blogging, I'd probably eventually end up crawling the streets.

J: Now, you include several pictures of yourself in your blog. Some might consider that to be vain.

H: The pictures are mainly for my aunties who are out of town, and for my grandmas. And let's face it June, I've got a good face. Why not show it?

J: You do have a cute face.

H: Handsome is a better word.

J: OK. Now, do you consider yourself to be an introvert or an extrovert?

H: I'm a baby June. Those words mean nothing to me.

J: What I'm asking is, are you an outgoing or energetic baby? Or, are you quiet?

H: I know what you're getting at June. You're asking if I can roll over yet. The answer is no. I'm close, but I'm still not there yet. That's a sore subject. Can we move on please?

J: Yes. Sorry. I've asked this of other baby bloggers, but, do you type your own stories?

H: I used to, but now that I have two bottom teeth, I can't stop myself from wanting to chew on the keyboard ... so, my dad types them for me.

J: Have you ever stayed up past your bedtime to do a blog entry?

H: No comment.

J: Now, you're 4 months old, correct?

H: Four months and 2 days.

J: Do you think you'll continue blogging into your toddler years?

H: Absolutely. Blogging is very therapeutic for me. It gives me that same feeling of release that I get when going for a walk in my stroller, or screaming in my sleep or filling my diaper.

J: Where do you see your blog going? I mean, you've covered special events such as the Super Bowl and your Baptism, what's next?

H: Well, this is supposed to be a secret, but I'll share it with your readers and the readers of my blog. We're in the planning stages of my 6-month birthday party, the "half birthday bash," on June 29. After the party, I'll post a special entry on the blog recapping my first 6 months of life.

J: Well, we can't wait to see it. It's been a pleasure, Hudson.

H: The pleasure is all mine ... June?

J: Yes, Hudson?

H: Do you mind if I borrow your keys?

J: But you don't drive.

H: I know, but I would like to chew on them.


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