Feb. 26, 2006 Day 60: Sleep Mode

Again, I apologize to my readers for being away for so long, but I've been in hybernation since, as Momma CJ described, "The computer got a booboo."

But Daddy B let me use his work computer to just post a shout out. So, this is me shouting out to you.

Shhhh. Be quiet for a second. I sense a feline force nearby, and I think its name is Polo the Cat. I can feel him sniffing at my new fashionable head gear. He should know better than to wake a sleeping bear...


At 6:53 AM , Anonymous Auntie Helen said...

ok. That may be the cutest picture ever! I have it as my screen saver ,and I get to wake up every morning to my nephew. Hudzy, I am a huge fan!

auntie Helen


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