Feb. 18, 2006 Day 52: Party in My Crib

I had my first crib party this weekend, and it was a great opportunity to invite my new friend Duck Boy.

Duck Boy and I chilled and watched my mobile spin round and round for a couple of hours.

We then discussed controversial topics such as diaper rash and crawling vs. waddling, and shared passages from our favorite baby and duck blogs.

After throwing back three bottles of formula a piece, we were pooped and ready to tune into my favorite lullaby CD and tune out for the night.

I tried loaning Duck Boy some of my footed pajamas, but he couldn't squeeze his webbed feet into them. So Momma CJ swaddled us both up real tight in blankets and we were fast asleep, dreaming about things that 52-day-old boys and ... I don't know Duck Boy's age, but he looks a little older. I'm thinking he's maybe 60 days old ... I wonder what 60-day-old ducks dream about...


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