May 14, 2006 Day 138: Top Ten Things I Like About Mom

I was struggling to come up with the words to say to mom in my blog for Mother's Day. I tried stealing some phrases from songs, like "You are the wind beneath my wings," "Momma you're appreciated," or "I'm sorry momma," but I wasn't feeling any of those.

So, then it dawned on me to do a Top Ten list. I mean, what mother wouldn't want a Top Ten list in her name on Mother's Day? It was like, "Duh Hudson. Why didn't you think of that in the first place?" Anyway, here's the list mom. Hope you enjoy it. If not, let me know, because I have a list of about 227 great things to say about you that I can pull from if you don't like the 10 that I selected below (Blog readers you must admit that was pretty good, wasn't it?). Please note mom that I've selected a beautiful lavender font for your Top Ten list (It's the little things that matter people).

Top Ten Things I Like About Mom
#10: She's got great hair, and she doesn't get mad when I pull it or chew on it.
#9: She smells nice.
#8: Strong singing voice. I feel bad for babies who have to listen to lullabies from mothers who do not have a trained instrument.
#7: Food source. This is a weird thing to say mom, but I know it hasn't always been easy to feed me, so without getting into too many details, I'll just say thanks for supplying me with the nutrients I needed to grow into a healthy 4-month-old boy.
#6: She's a great teacher. I know that when the day comes that I roll over on my own, I'll owe it all to her discipline and guidance.
#5: She's beautiful, or "easy on the eyes" as my dad likes to say.
#4: She's smart. I'm amazed at how well she can read a book. And I'm even more amazed that she can read a book without chewing on the pages. Books taste so good. I don't know how she can resist.
#3: Did I mention beautiful? I feel sorry for babies who have to wake up to an ugly mother.
#2: Best "Momma's Nose/Baby's Nose" player ever. This is, like, one of the best games ever if you haven't played it yet, and if it wasn't for my mom's mad skills at this game, I wouldn't even know the difference between my nose and my kneecap.
#1: Mom's smile. They call me a happy and smiley baby, but that's because I learned from the best. Hope this Top Ten list brings a smile to your face mom. Thanks for all that you do!


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