May 8, 2006 Day 132: ♫Down Down Baby, Yo Street in My Stroller♫

Welcome to my new ride. It's the Jeep® Liberty Limited Urban Terrain stroller, and it has all the babies turning their heads, dropping their jaws and drooling.

This unique three-wheel all-terrain stroller is built for a smoother ride on all types of surfaces. The front wheel swivels for easy maneuvering when mom and dad want to take me for walks on city streets, or when my grandmas show me off at the suburban malls.

For those of my readers who are concerned about my safety, don't sweat it. The Liberty Limited has a five-point safety harness with a multi-position reclining seat, removable saddle bags and safety reflectors.

And don't be fooled by the ruggedness of this stroller. It's as smooth a ride as I've ever had. I like to just sit back and relax and pop my theme song in the CD player:
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