June 12, 2006 Day 167: Leave It to Hudson

I had my first professional photo shoot a couple of weekends ago, and I'm not sure if something was wrong with the camera, but all of the colors are gone from the pictures. They're just gray.

Daddy B said it was something they call an "artistic choice," but I thought I looked like a character from "Leave It to Beaver."

H: Hey Wally. It's me Hudson. Where's the Beav?

W: Gee. I don't know Hudson. Why don't you go ask Gilbert.

H: Hey Gilbert. Where's the Beav?

G: Aw gee. I don't know Hudson. Why don't you ask Larry?

H: Hey Larry! Where's the Beav? Hey Larry!

L: Gee. You don't need to holler at me Hudson.

H: Sorry.

L: Beaver is getting his picture taken.

H: Well I sure hope it's in color.

L: Naw. I think it's in black and white. They call it an articstics choice.

H: Oh brother.


At 7:14 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

you could be a model hudson


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