July 4, 2006 Day 188: Saddle Up -- It's Independence Day

I spent my first Fourth o' July holiday with Eddie and Tina.

Eddie and Tina are horses that live at the Greenfield Village. They like to drink water and eat the ground. Although I am not a horse, I too like the taste of water, and have tried the ground and think it tastes pretty decent.

After spending some time with my animal friends, Grandma and Grandpa B and Momma Cj and Daddy B took me to watch some fireworks in the sky. They all got scared by the boom, but I just took it all in stride.

I also went to the tasting fest near my home in Detroit over the holiday. Momma Cj and Daddy B ate saucy pork and potato fries that looked like waffles. What did I eat? Soy milk. I tried to grab at the saucy pork, and reach for the waffly taters, but I was once again denied. But that's OK. I'm going to save up all my monies and buy, like, a zillion tickets next year so I can have my own pork and taters. And don't even try to reach for mine, or I'll send my friends Eddie and Tina after you!


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