June 30, 2006 Day 184: Hudson Passes Up World Fame

So I had a chance to become world famous after the World Famous Pontani Sisters swept through town.

The girls stopped by for a photo op and they were immediately impressed by my talents: eating kiwi, squealing and chewing on things.

They offered me a spot on their North American tour, but I regretfully and respectfully had to turn them down because of some scheduling conflicts.

I'm supposed to learn how to crawl in the next few months, and I have to go to Orlando for an upcoming gig that I'd rather not discuss at this time, so, I'm pretty booked. And my parents would not be able to deal with me being on the road for that long. They would pretty much fall apart. But who could blame them?

The girls were pretty upset (as you can see in the picture to the right) when I broke the news to them that I wouldn't be joining them on the circuit. But, they eventually got over it, and we hugged and kissed and told each other to break our legs. For those of you who are not familiar with showbiz terminology, breaking legs is an expression of good luck. For instance, before I prepared this blog entry, I was a bit nervous ... I had caterpillars in my stomach, so I looked in the mirror that's in my crib and I gave myself a pep talk. I said, "Hudson. You can do this. You've done this before. The people who read this blog like you, and they're rooting for you. Now, go out there and show them everything you got. Break a leg Hudson. Break a leg."


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