Aug. 20, 2006 Day 235 SPECIAL EDITION: Hudson's Tips for the First-Time Zoogoer

Today I went to the zoo for the first time ever in my whole life. And I would like to share with you, my blog readers, the five must-do things for a baby who visits the zoo for the first time ever in their whole life:

1. KISS A POLAR BEAR: They're not as mean as they look.

2. LAUGH AT THE HUMPY HORSES: How can you not laugh at them? Look at those... ha... ha... silly horses... Ha... Ha... Ha... Oh, I can't stop laughing... Ha. HA... HA... HAHA!!

3. CHEW ON A TURTLE STATUE: It tastes like chicken... Oh. Wait. I don't know what chicken tastes like... how bout... It tastes like mashed organic green beans.

4. MAKE FRIENDS WITH A BABY ELEPHANT: You might have more in common than you think.

5. ACT LIKE A GORILLA: How else would you act? It's a zoo for goodness sake... but one extra FREE piece of advice to you babies out there -- Keep the gorilla behavior at the zoo. There's no place for it at home. When you're at home, act like a good baby boy or girl. Trust me, you'll get lots of hugs and sweet potatoes if you do. That's all for today. Hope the tips will make your visit to the zoo for the first time ever in your whole life a good one.


At 3:31 AM , Anonymous Kate said...

This is a lovely journal - I just came across it through Technorati. Your son is adorable and you will have this lovely record of his life forever,

At 6:37 AM , Anonymous Deana said...

My goodness, he's getting sooo big!! Your blog is great, Hudson should have his own show:) Miss you all and can't wait to see you soon.


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