Hudson LIVE From San Francisco

Hey everybody back there in the rest of the world, I'm in San Francisco! This is my first trip to this place, so I thought I should make a big splash by sending you daily updates of what I'm doing and pass it along to you, in case you ever leave your world to come here.

I'll be filing all of my posts by myself this week since mom and dad said we couldn't afford to buy plane tickets for Jenny the Cat or Gary the Gnome or any of my other staff members, and there wasn't any room in the suitcase for them either. Don't worry guys. I can handle the load, and I'll be sure to bring you all back some souvenirs from my trip (that's what good managers do).

Anyway, that's enough business talk, let's get back to the fun part -- vacation! Every good vacation starts with eating, and after a long long flight (p.s. mom graded my flight behavior as a B-; dad gave me a B... Give me a break. I would say B+ at least. It's a loooong flight!), me and the ol' parents decided to stop in Chinatown for a bite. My meal started with an appetizer of sliced apples and pot stickers followed by sesame street chicken. OK. It's actually just called sesame chicken. There's no "street," but that was a little joke or shout out to my favorite show, and to all the babies out there who are fans of my blog and the show, too. And getting back to the meal, let's not forget the ice cream and fortune cookie dessert. My behavior may have been in the B range, but this meal was an A+.

San Francisco: The Swing Set City
One measure of a great city is its swing sets, and when it comes to swing sets, San Francisco has it going on. Check out the air I was getting with this swing. I was turning heads. People were, like, "Wow. Where's that baby from? He an unbelievable swing master!"

While You Were Sleeping

One thing that I learned from vacationing is that if you sleep, you might miss something ... like a real live submarine! Why mom and dad didn't wake me up for this one, I'll never know, but I guess I have this picture to look back on... except for this lady (no offense lady) is kind of in the way of the submarine. Maybe she's the captain of it. If that's the case, then she has a right to be in the way, but if she's just a lady looking at a submarine, then she should be more mindful of the fact that there are sleeping babies out there who only have pictures to rely on to see a real live underwater vessel.

I also slept through a challenge. This arm wrestling master apparently wanted to challenge me, but I was sleeping. But I'm not afraid of him. In fact, I'll say it right here. I challenge you Mr. Arm Wrestler man to a match. One of these days on vacation while I'm awake, I'm coming back with my 25 cents and we're going to go at it. Mark my word. I'll be back.

Lions in the Sea?
Did you know that the lions in San Francisco live in the sea? I didn't, but I do now. And these guys don't look like your normal lions. They're slimey and they bark like dogs. But they're awful funny. I got an up-close look at em and I even got a chance to talk to a few of them... and I found that they're pretty nice guys... and girls. I let them know that when I head back for my big arm wrestling challenge later this week, I'll stop by and say hello... and I'll be sure to stop back by the blog to say hello to all of you, and provide you with regular updates of my trip. So stay tuned!

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At 8:45 AM , Blogger doubtygreen said...

Hudson! I am glad you are enjoying beautiful San Fran..Just be careful not to leave your heart in the city by the bay. It's been known to happen to the best of us. Did you drive down that crazy crooked Lombard street yet? ask your cabby to take you there..if your into high flying swing rides.. you will love this!

hope this was helpful.

auntie H
ps. don't forget to go to the ferry plaza farmers market on Sunday. The crepes are do die for!


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