Jan. 15, 2006 Day Eighteen: Sorry About Your Summer

OK. So I skipped ahead from day eight to day 18 of my life. I tried to update this thing daily, but I'm just too busy with my research on baby sleeping and eating habits.

I found that my research is most effective when I take a hands-on approach by actually doing some sleeping and eating. But I don't quite have enough data to report any results at this point, so I'm going to have a milk dinner and a nap afer I write this.

Anyway, I'm writing to inform my readers that they shouldn't expect the weather to change anytime soon. I saw my shadow for the first time this morning, and, from what I've heard, I think that means winter is never going to end.

I feel terrible about this, but I must say, I enjoy the company of my shadow. He's very handsome, and I think we're going to be longtime friends. So, the only advice I can give to my readers is: buy a warm coat.


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