Nov. 27, 2006 Day 334 SPECIAL EDITION: Thanksgiving Memories

I'm going to get a onesie with words printed on it that say, "I conquered Thanksgiving. Did you?"

From parade watching, to ice skating watching, to turkey eating and watching others eat turkey, I did it all. Now, let's take a look back at the events that took place:

The "Biggest Bar Night"

I overheard mom and dad saying the day before Thanksgiving is the "biggest bar night of the year." I'm not sure what that means exactly, but it sounds like some sort of competition. Me, mom and dad decided to spend this "biggest bar night of the year" watching ice skating people.

I've never been on ice before, but it looks like you have to have some sort of special shoes to walk on it. I've opened and closed my closet doors several hundred times, and I've never seen any shoes like this, so, it looks like I'll have to get some if I want to do any walking on the slippery stuff.

After watching the ice people, we went to a tie place to eat tie food. The food was not in knots, so I'm not sure why they call it tie... but it tasted good anyway. We were the only people in the restaurant, so I got to walk around and touch all of the chairs.

What's Today?
"What's today? Parade day!" That was the chant that was going on around town as I prepared to go to my first-ever Thanksgiving Day parade. Mom and Dad got me all bundled up to watch from the streets, but I didn't even need the bundle since some friends of ours let me in this tall building to watch from above. Someone told me that getting upstairs to watch makes you a V-I-P. So, I guess you can call me V-I-P from now on. Or, you can just call me Hudson like everyone else does.

Anyway, I enjoyed watching the floaties that passed by the windows, and I got to see all the tiny people lined up on the street screaming and yelling at the floaties. I laughed and screamed and yelled, too, from above, but I don't think they could hear me.

Turkey Time
I've read that British babies have something they call "tea time," and dads of British and American babies have something they call "tee time," but this baby has something I like to call "turkey time."

Turkey time is the time when you sit down to eat turkey. Pretty clever, right?

Well, I spent my turkey time at Grandma D's and boy did I ever stuff myself with stuffing and turkey and sweet potatoes and more sweet potatoes and more turkey and water and soy milk and more soy milk and pumpkin pie!!! Have you tried this stuff? Nobody told me. I think they were keeping it a secret so they could have more to themselves... well, the secret is out now, and I'm now in the pumpkin pie fan club.

Needles to say, it was a feast to remember, and like I said in my last post, a stomach to forget. I said goodbye to my days of being a lean-bellied baby, and said hello to my unbuttoned-pants future.


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