Jan. 21, 2006 Day Twenty-Four: Boppy Boredom

I'm feeling a little down today, blue, you know, because I've got a case of boppy boredom.

Oh how I envy those small children who can get up at will, crawl and walk and knock and spill things over.

Momma CJ and Daddy B tell me that "you're only young once," and that I should enjoy my newborn days because being a toddler is tough.

And I know they're right, and I feel fortunate because most babies my age don't have the ability that I do to communicate with the written word, but I'm ready to move beyond that. I want to walk and talk, have conversations that don't just involve cooing. It's difficult to communicate with grunts and screams. My parents think I need a diaper change, when really I'm trying to express my views on the current state of Latin American politics. Jeez!


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