Sept. 18, 2006 Day 264: Bounce With Me, Bounce With Me

I went to bouncy world this past weekend for my cousin M's #2 birthday.

Momma CJ and Daddy B were, at first, afraid to bounce with me, but I convinced them to give it a whirl.

I thought it was pretty easy, but I understand that other people may struggle with bouncing. That's why I thought I'd take some time to give you a few tips so you can maybe join us in our next bouncing adventure.

Bouncing Tip #1: Bring a clean pair of socks -- It's hard to bounce with gunk on your feet.

Bouncing Tip #2: Bring a positive attitude -- If you walk into bouncy world frown-faced, you'll have a hard time getting off of your feet.

Bouncing Tip #3: Bring a cheering section -- My cheering fans helped lift me off the ground.

Bouncing Tip #4: Take a nap on the way to bouncy world -- A little shut eye will put that extra spring in your step.

Bouncing Tip #5: Be the bunny -- Get in a rabbit state of mind and you'll find yourself hopping with ease.

Hope these tips will help you when you're faced with your next bouncing challenge. I have a few others, but I have to keep those to myself in case I ever enter a competitive bouncing league.


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