Sept. 7, 2006 Day 253: Look Who I Found

After a 14-day search, scooting across hardwooded floors, tiled bathrooms and carpeted bedrooms, I finally found Popo the cat.

Well, actually, he found me.

Turns out he wasn't hiding from me afterall. We just kept missing each other.

Next time I can't find him, I'm just going to stay put because ol' reliable Popo is sure to come meowin along sooner or later. That crazy cat!


At 6:27 PM , Anonymous Lonnie said...

He got sooooo big from just the last time I saw him!

At 12:14 PM , Anonymous Deana said...

Does he ever not smile! He is such a happy baby:)
I can't believe just how big he's getting. I can't wait to see him again hopefully at Santa Hoho time!


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