Sept. 5, 2006 Day 251: Hudson Rolls in Weekend Parades

Yesterday I took a day off from my daily baby workload to celebrate some other workers in the Labor Day parade.

Daddy B told me that the people holding flags were from something called a union.

I would like a flag of my own someday, so I think that I will start my own union. It will be called the HU-BABIES union. That stands for Hudson's United Babies union. If you're interested in joining, send an e-mail to swaddlereport@gmail.com, and list your name and the color of the flag you would like to have and the picture you would like to be on the flag. I will be working on my own flag that I hope to have finished in 23 days. It will be blue and have the name of the union on it and a picture of me, since this was my idea.

Before I go to get started on my flag, I would like to wish a happy #1 birthday to my friend Clementine. I was in Clementine's parade this weekend and I rolled in my stroller while she rode in a bicycle. I am in discussions with my parents about getting my own bicycle, but it's not my birthday yet.


At 1:05 PM , Blogger amanda said...

Clementine will be in the union with you, Hudson! She's all about baby rights.

She loves all the birthday goodies you brought her and has so many good pictures of you to post. If only her mom weren't so lazy and got to it as fast as you!


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