City Boy Runs Away to the Farm

Dear Mom and Dad. It's been fun living with you, but I'm leaving for the farm. My dream is to raise crops and piggies, and you always told me to follow my dreams, so, I'm following those piggies right to the farm, where I belong...

OK. I'm not really running away to the farm, but it sure is fun to visit. This farm didn't have any piggies or horses or cows or tigers or lions, but it did have storytellers and fiddle players and ice cream, so I thought it was a decent tradeoff.

Maybe they used to have horses, because there was plenty of hay there, and they say that hay is for horses, but I didn't see any horses, but I sure did see hay, so I was kind of confused, but I figured instead of spending my time confused, it'd be better to just go with the flow and play in some hay.

I would definitely recommend this farm, except, well, the storytelling was a little bit backward. This man talked about these three little pigs going after a wolf, and huffing and puffing and blowing the wolf's house down. I didn't want to stop him and embarrass him, but from all the books I've read, pigs don't huff and puff... they squeal.

Oh well. No farm is perfect.


I Saw a No Hitter... Where Were You?

Tomorrow my friends at daycare will ask me, "What'd you do last night Hudson?" And they'll expect my answer to be something like, "Same ol. Ate. Went for a walk. Had some milk. Went to sleep." ... But not this time. This time the answer will be different. This time the answer will be, "Oh. I don't know. Not much. Just went to the Detroit Tigers game, rode the merry-go-round, had a chocolate chip ice cream cookie sandwich... and, oh yeah, did I forget to mention that I witnessed a no hitter!"

I didn't know what a no hitter was before last night, but I now know that it's exciting! If you've never seen one, you should try... but I'm told it might not be that easy. You may never see a no hitter. But I did, and I want to share it with you. So, if you've never seen a no hitter, now you can say you've seen one, on my blog.

I also learned last night that you can take pictures with a phone. Daddy B took this picture with his phone. He was a little overexcited, so he was only able to get the back of my head... I'm just glad I had a chance to comb my hair before the game, otherwise this could have been an embarrassing photo. You can find more bad phone pics of the no hitter at Huddy Pics.

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Any Polka Requests?

I just picked up my first accordion this weekend at the Detroit Festival of the Arts. I didn't get to keep it, but the Polish in me caught on to the instrument real quick.

I had thousands of people polka-ing in the streets to my accordion beats... OK. Maybe that's a stretch, but someday, when I get my own, I'll get good enough to sell out stadiums, or at least fill the living room of one of my grandmas houses.

Did you know that I also found my own park this weekend? Yeah. Somebody named it after me but didn't even tell me or ask me. Doesn't matter. I would have said yes anyway... I'm both flattered and honored. They shouldn't have. Really. They shouldn't have. It's just too much. I don't deserve it... OK. Maybe I do deserve it. In fact, if you ask me, I deserve a bigger park, but I'm not one to complain...

Thanks to whoever made this happen. You know who you are, and I'm sure you read my blog, so, thanks!

Well, that's all the words I have left for now, but you can check out some of my latest adventure pics at HuddyPics.

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Hudson and the Big Green Boots

It's best to read this post before bedtime, so, if you're reading it now, you should stop, and print it out, and give it to your mother or father or guardian and have them read it to you before bed, because it's really a bedtime story and not an at-work or during recess or snack-time story.

It's about a boy named Hudson (you know who he is) and a pair of big green boots (that you haven't met yet). Here it goes:

Once upon a time, on a rainy, but warm day, a boy named Hudson put on a pair of big green boots. He had never worn a pair of big green boots before, but the fact that the boots were BIG and GREEN made it an easy decision.

In those first few steps, Hudson knew he had big shoes to fill. These boots were SUPERsized and his feet were only mediums. The BIG size of the boots and the MEDIUMness of his feets caused this ABOVE AVERAGE size boy to come tumbling down.

Off came one boot, and then another, and he was left on the ground, in his socks, with a scrape and a clump of dirt on his knee and no boo boo cream or handy wipes in site. But that wouldn't stop young Hudson. He was determined, on this rainy day, to complete his mission.

So he put the left boot on first, and then the right one, and with the assistance of one of his parents, he pulled himself up with all his might and started walking again ... one step ... two step ... three step ... four ... until he realized he couldn't count any higher than that. So he switched to ABC steps. A-step... B-step ... C-step ... D-step ... until he ran out of letters. And finally, there it was, the thing he had been searching for, the obstacle that only he and these BIG GREEN boots could conquer -- a giant puddle.

Hudson lifted his right leg higher than ever and brought it down with so much force that the puddle water splashed into his hair. But he didn't care. If he had a comb he would have slicked it back. This was too much fun to let a little water in the hair get in the way. So he took his left leg and lifted it almost as high and brought it down almost as hard (Hudson is right legged, so it's more difficult for him to splash as hard with his left.) and the puddle water splashed in his face. Hudson stuck out his tongue and licked a drop off his chin. Not only was he having fun; he was also quenching his thirst.

The puddle splashing continued for several seconds, splash, after splash, after splash, after splash ... and then he got bored, threw the boots off, and went inside the house to look for some crackers to eat. THE END

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