Aug. 28, 2006 Day 243: Gone Fishing

I'm back from my weekend fishing expedition, and boy did I reel in a big one.

I asked Mom and Dad to give the fish to Auntie MD for her birthday on Sunday, but they decided to give her some clothes instead... boring!

That's OK. I will keep the fish as a trophy to put up in my bedroom, next to my official major league baseball and the keepsake box where we stored my very first-ever dirty diaper... just kidding. That would be gross.

Well, I've got a busy week, so I should get back to work... let me look in my planner. Yep. I've got a meeting Tuesday morning with some of my toys to discuss an upcoming event we're planning, and then I've got a nap at 2 p.m. ... and Wednesday, oh Wednesday is a crazy day. I've got a breakfast scheduled for 7:30 a.m., followed by a seminar titled, "From Scoot to Walk: Why Bother With the Crawl?"

Aug. 28, 2006 Day 243: Swaddle Report Issues First Retraction

It was recently brought to my attention by Auntie Lou that there was a boo boo in my July 10, 2006, post, "World Cup Fever: Hudson's Tribute to Italy!"

In the final paragraph I said that I am Polish and Irish, but had no Italian roots. Well, I just found out that I do, in fact, have some Italian in me.

I feel bad about the mistake, but I'm happy to hear this news. This means that part of me is a World Cup champion. I will toast this news with a sippy cup full of apple juice.


Aug. 24, 2006 Day 239: Where's That Cat?

Hey. Have you seen my cat, Popo?

I've been scooting all over the house trying to find him... I think he's hiding.

Daddy B calls us Tom and Jerry.

I wanted to tell Daddy that my name is Hudson and not Jerry, but I didn't want to hurt his feelings. Momma Cj says that he's a sensitive man.

I have sensitive skin... it rashes up when I drag my bare belly across the carpet.

Popo has sensitive skin, too. When I squeeze it, he runs away... "Popo! Hey Popo! Come here Popo... I just want to talk!"... Oh well, I'll find him eventually. In the meantime, please take some time to participate in the Swaddle Report's first-ever poll:


Aug. 20, 2006 Day 235 SPECIAL EDITION: Hudson's Tips for the First-Time Zoogoer

Today I went to the zoo for the first time ever in my whole life. And I would like to share with you, my blog readers, the five must-do things for a baby who visits the zoo for the first time ever in their whole life:

1. KISS A POLAR BEAR: They're not as mean as they look.

2. LAUGH AT THE HUMPY HORSES: How can you not laugh at them? Look at those... ha... ha... silly horses... Ha... Ha... Ha... Oh, I can't stop laughing... Ha. HA... HA... HAHA!!

3. CHEW ON A TURTLE STATUE: It tastes like chicken... Oh. Wait. I don't know what chicken tastes like... how bout... It tastes like mashed organic green beans.

4. MAKE FRIENDS WITH A BABY ELEPHANT: You might have more in common than you think.

5. ACT LIKE A GORILLA: How else would you act? It's a zoo for goodness sake... but one extra FREE piece of advice to you babies out there -- Keep the gorilla behavior at the zoo. There's no place for it at home. When you're at home, act like a good baby boy or girl. Trust me, you'll get lots of hugs and sweet potatoes if you do. That's all for today. Hope the tips will make your visit to the zoo for the first time ever in your whole life a good one.


Aug. 12, 2006 Day 227: My New Drum Set

OK, so I lost the battle with Momma CJ and Daddy B over my refusal to take off my American flag half-trousers, but that was an uphill fight since I don't know how to dress myself yet.

But I do like the new outfit they put me in. What do you think?

Also, I got a new drum set out of the whole deal. And from what I can tell, it's a pretty good one. I bet you Mom and Dad spent lots of monies on it... I hope they have enough left over to get me some more sweet potatoes and spinach lasagna.

Maybe I should start pitching in some around here. I bet if I get good at these drums, people would pay to see me. OK. I got to go. It's practice time.


Aug. 7, 2006 Day 222: Barefoot in the Park

During a recent visit to the park, I noticed that my mom had dressed me in a pair of half-trousers with an American flag pattern on them.

It was at that moment that I, Hudson, got my first taste of patriotism... I realized that I was as American as organic apple baby food, baseball and Jeep strollers.

I've now been wearing those shorts for four days, and despite some wrastling with mom and dad, I refuse to take them off... because that would be un-American. And to all of my blog readers who send me clothes in the mail, you can donate them to some other non-patriotic infant. I have all the clothes that I need.