Cat on the Prowl

Hey. It's me again. And I'm wearing another disguise.

I'm dressed as a Lion so that Popo the cat will be fooled into thinking I'm a member of his cat family and just as soon as he goes to the shelf to reach for his cat family photo album, to verify my identification, I'll grab his tail!

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Where's Hudson? Here He Is!

Hey. It's me. Back from the farm.

I'm wearing what they call a disguise. I'm thinking about becoming a detective, and this would likely be the outfit I wear so I can be undercover... not like under my blanky undercover, but undercover like a secret sleuth.

This way, I can sneak up on Popo the cat and grab his tail because he won't expect it, because he'll think I'm someone else, or better yet, if my disguise is really working, he won't see me at all.

I'll be back soon with another post, and maybe with another secret sleuth outfit.

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