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I dusted this old video off for the enjoyment of my blog viewers. It's just me watching some TV, a little Blues Clues. Love the show, but it always throws me off balance. Might be the bright colors. Anyway, check it out:

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March Madness: Hudsodamus Predictions

It's time for Hudsodamus' annual March Madness Final Four picks.

Right now there are four teams left: the Georgetown Hoyas (I think that's a dog of some type), the Ohio State Buckeyes (I think those come from a tree), the Florida Gators (Scary reptiles with big teeth that I see sleeping at my local zoo, but I'm not sure if the ones that I know are from Florida), and the UCLA Bruins (it's a bear, I think).

Now, after doing some calculations and looking into my crystal basketball (OK. It's actually made of cushy stuff, but you get the idea.), I came up with the following prediction: After this weekend, there will only be two of those teams left.

Let me break it down for you. There are four teams now. There will be two games this weekend, with two teams involved in each game. Only one team will win each of those games. So, if you add one plus one, that equals two teams left.

Hope that helps you all out in filling out those final spots on your bracket. I'll be back next week to make a prediction on how many teams will be left after the championship game.

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The Wonderful World of Colored Pasta

Hey. It's my first day at day care, with other kids. They think I'm totally cool.

There are lots of fun things to do here. It's very colorful. Even the pasta noodles have color.

I'm eating some of them in this picture. It's funny, they are all different colors, but they still taste like pasta. Kind of brilliant really.

I'm thinking about inventing colored baby formula... how much would your infant love being able to sip from a bottle full of blue stuff, or red stuff, or green or purple stuff.

Ooh. I gotta go. We're all leaving for diving lessons now ... Just kidding mom. I knew that would put a scare in her.

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Winter Break: Hudson's Adventures With Flat Stanley

Hello blog readers. It's been a while since you've heard from me. I've been out of reach, on a month-long sledding journey with my sled partner, Flat Stanley.

The journey started at Grandma D's house, where she packed us some rations -- Cheerios, sliced bananas, organic whole milk in a bottle, and a couple of sippy cups full of H2O -- before we set off for our journey across the arctic tundra.

This was my first big sled trip, so Flat Stan navigated, while I steered tough curves like the one in this picture (left). Flat Stan said he was glad I came along because he has trouble putting his body into big turns like this... he's flat you know.

After several days of tough conditions, Flat Stan and I made it to the palace of the Ice Clown King, where Stan and all his other flat friends and family members were created. The Ice Clown King was happy to see Stan, and he gave him a hug.

The Ice Clown King invited us in to keep warm from the cold. I parked my sled at his doorstep and made myself at home.

The Ice Clown King then fed us a hearty meal. Boy were Stan and I hungry. I swear, we ate so much so fast that after we were done, Stan's stomach was no longer flat. And I could barely get the sled to move my own plump little belly.

Finally, with a little help from the king himself, we shoved off from the palace and headed back home. I dropped Stan off at his house, and he waved goodbye. Our adventure was over, but we both knew there would be more adventures ahead of us.