June 25, 2006 Day 180: Rolling Rolling Rolling...

I mentioned it in my last post, but I thought it worth mentioning again: I am officially rolling over, baby.

Put me on my back and I make it to my front. Put me on my front and I make it to my back. Doesn't matter.

Put me on clay, hardwood, grass. Doesn't matter.

Put a blindfold on me. Doesn't matter.

When it comes to rolling, I'm it.

Watch out crawling. You're next.


June 19, 2006 Day 174: Postcard From a Baby in Chi-Town

This weekend was my first trip to Chicago, and since I didn't have time to send all of you, my blog readers, a postcard, I thought I'd send it to you now, electronically. Here goes:

Dear Blog Readers,

Having fun in Chicago this weekend. Watched Daddy B run something called a 5k (if you do the math, that equals about 14,000 crawls).

And, I met a monster! Don't believe me? Just check out the picture on this postcard. Seeee. It's a monster, isn't it. Jealous yet?

I also got to meet Mr. and Mrs. D. They gave me a jersey that said 'Cubs' on it. And, I don't know why, but Mr. D didn't seem to like the monster all that much. Daddy B explained to me that socks and Cubs don't get along. I guess that means when I wear my 'Cubs' jersey, I'll have to go barefoot.

Baby D couldn't come out and play yet because Momma CJ said he has a booboo on his head, but I'll have to show him some of my new tricks the next time I visit ... like rolling over. That's right. You read it. I said it. I'm officially a roller overer now.

OK. We've been waiting in line for something called popcorn for the past three hours and I think it's our turn now. I hope this popcorn is good ... wait, can I eat popcorn? Don't tell me I waited in line three hours for something I can't eat! Anyway, got to run now. See you back in Detroit!



June 12, 2006 Day 167: Leave It to Hudson

I had my first professional photo shoot a couple of weekends ago, and I'm not sure if something was wrong with the camera, but all of the colors are gone from the pictures. They're just gray.

Daddy B said it was something they call an "artistic choice," but I thought I looked like a character from "Leave It to Beaver."

H: Hey Wally. It's me Hudson. Where's the Beav?

W: Gee. I don't know Hudson. Why don't you go ask Gilbert.

H: Hey Gilbert. Where's the Beav?

G: Aw gee. I don't know Hudson. Why don't you ask Larry?

H: Hey Larry! Where's the Beav? Hey Larry!

L: Gee. You don't need to holler at me Hudson.

H: Sorry.

L: Beaver is getting his picture taken.

H: Well I sure hope it's in color.

L: Naw. I think it's in black and white. They call it an articstics choice.

H: Oh brother.


June 1, 2006 Day 156: The Faces of Hudson

It's now June, and as I approach my 6-month birthday, I find myself going through a range of emotions:

SCARED. Being a half-year-old child means more responsibility -- solid foods, movement, first words.

SUSPICIOUS. This aging thing may be a government conspiracy.

HAPPY. I've got a comfortable crib to sleep in, my own horse that rocks and a community of blog readers and family members that dig me. Life is pretty good.