Sept. 21, 2006 Day 267: Dog Days of Summer Over? Not Yet

The Dog Days of Summer might be over for most of you, but my days of dressing up as a dog are just beginning.

I thought I'd play a trick on Popo the cat by putting on this dog outfit, and boy did my trick pay off. I had Popo running up the walls when I turned my usual "Ba Ba" and "Goo Goo" noises into a "Woof Woof" and chased him around the house.

I'm thinking about asking Mom and Dad if they'll turn in all of my other clothes and get me more animal outfits.

I would like to be a lion so I can roar, a duck so I can quack, and a bear ... just because I think I have a lot in common with bears. We both take long naps, and I'm sure bears like Cheerios like I do. But what animal doesn't like Cheerios? Well, if such an animal exists, I don't want to dress up as that animal because that would mean if I wanted to really be like that animal, I would have to pretend like I didn't like Cheerios, and I don't think I would be very convincing in that part.

Gotta go. All this talk is making me hungry. Woof! Woof!


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