Oct. 18, 2006 Day 294: Leave the Biting to Me Buddy

There's a new boy that's living in our building. His name is Buddy. He's a dog. He belongs to Mr. KoGo, the man upstairs.

Buddy likes to play. He also likes to steal my left socks, and bite me in the tuckus (pssst... if you didn't already know, that's another word for a behind, or, as some less sophisticated babies call it, a butt.)

I think Buddy is my friend. We both have our strengths and weaknesses, but we complement each other well. Buddy has a tail and walks really fast, but he pees on the floor. I stopped peeing on the floor a long time ago, but I still need help with the walking, and I haven't grown a tail yet.

I wonder at what age it starts growing? It must be old because Momma CJ and Daddy B don't have tails, and they're really old. Hmmm? Maybe I'll ask Buddy the next time I see him. He's little, but like me, he's smart for his age and knows all sorts of little facts like that.

Anyway, I got to go... I need to find my sock. "Hey Buddy! Where'd you put my sock? Did you eat it again?"


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