Sept. 25, 2006 Day 271: Swaddle Report Second Annual Fall Photo Montage SPECIAL

It's the moment you, all of my readers, have been waiting for: the return of Hudson's annual fall photo montage... OK. So, you're saying to yourself, "Hudson. You're not even a year old. How can this be the second annual photo montage?"

Well, my answer is, "This photo montage is so good that you would think I've done this before, like, this is my second time or something." So, I called it my second annual. Besides, I challenge you to look at some of Momma CJ's magazines and find a better photo montage. I've ripped through a lot of them, and I can tell you that they have a lot of shiny pages, but there's no substance. I would compare them to a bottle with no soy formula in it, a sleeping baby without a blanket, potatoes without the sweet... empty. Anyway, enough about those silly magazines. Let's take a look this collage that I like to refer to as: "A Baby in the Park Playing on a Slide, a Tree, a Tube, a Hand Stand, and a Rhinoceres Springy Thing."


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