Oct. 2, 2006 Day 278: Who's on First? Hudson Is!

Hey everyone. I went to my first baseball game this past week.

It was the Tigers vs. the Blue Birdies and, unfortunately, the Blue Birdies won.

Kenny Rogers was on the mound for the Tigers and I have to say that he didn't have his best stuff. He was having some control issues and was missing on his curveball. From a baby's perspective, I would have to say he looked a little "rattled." Get it? Like a baby's rattle? (If you don't like that joke, blame Nurse Irene. I've been telling bad jokes since Day One because of her.)

But it was OK that the Tigers didn't win because I had fun eating, and watching the game and napping during the seventh inning stretch and spending the day with Momma CJ and Daddy B.

By the way, it was Daddy B's birthday, so I dedicate this post to him.

Even though his birthday was on Thursday, we celebrated it all weekend long. I thought it would never end, but he tells me I can do the same when my first birthday comes at the end of December... and he said that I'll know when my birthday is over because they will drop a big ball from the sky in New York City to mark the end of Hudson's birthday. I hear a lot of people are expected to attend the occasion. I can't wait!


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