Oct. 24, 2006 Day 300 SPECIAL EDITION: Hudson Sucks His Thumb in the Thumb (of Michigan)

Hello blog readers. I just returned from a trip to the thumb area of Michigan with a brand new old-school Tigers jacket and a new attitude. Boy how a trip like that can take away the stress of baby life. I recommend it to all my young readers out there. And I'm sure my older readers have stress, too, and could use a visit to the thumb. Well, if you do go, consider these photos as a guide on how to make friends and get the most out of your thumb visit.

First, it's always fun to travel with pals. We made our thumb trip with my friend Baby C and her parents, Momma A and Daddy N. Here's me and Baby C playing in the grass. I am a little bit jealous of her walking skills, but hope to be able to challenge her to a race someday once I get past this crawling thing. I like crawling alright, but I sure could see a lot more if I could get those legs to stay up underneath me. I think now that I'm rested I'm going to start working with some leg weights to build my walking strength.

Second thing to do is to experience the thumb wildlife. In this photo, hiding underneath the table, is a goatdog. He looks like a dog and looks like a goat at the sametime, which makes him a goatdog. He was shy at first, but eventually we became friends and he even started talking to me in goat talk. I asked Daddy B to translate it for me, but he apparently doesn't speak goat. They must not have taught that at the school he went to. Hopefully I will be given the opportunity to learn goat when I start my educational career.

Third thing to do is seek out historic landmarks, like this Wimpy statue. Wimpy likes hamburgers. I don't know if I like hamburgers yet, but I didn't let that get in the way of a potential friendship. I'm also not a statue, and Wimpy is. But the thing we did have in common is that we both agreed that babies and statues can be friends, despite their differences.

Fourth thing to do is find a pier and some graffiti. Now I'm not saying you should do the graffiti yourself, because that's against the people rulebook, but if you find some, it's OK to look at it. But either way, make sure you walk out to the end of the pier, so you can get a good look at the water. I wanted to take a bath in it too, but Momma and Daddy said it was too cold. Maybe next time...

And fifthly, get some rest! A thumb trip is not a thumb trip without a nap. But if you have trouble sleeping, just make sure you bring a pacifier along... puts me right out.

Hope you enjoyed this post, and I hope you too will take the time to have yourself a thumb trip. Go thumb!


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